A Handy Guide to Choosing the Right Golf Club for New Players

Are you getting ready to hit the green for the first time? If you are a new player who is looking to invest in just the right set of golf clubs, you will probably find that buying your first set of golf clubs can be a very exciting thing. There are many factors that you should probably consider before you plunk down your hard earned cash for those shiny new clubs. Here are some things to consider as you get ready to buy your first set of golf clubs.

Tip 1: Be Honest to Yourself About Your Golfing Goals


Be honest about what your golfing goals are. Do you suspect your interest in the sport of golf may languish after a while? Are you the type of person who picks up a new hobby, abandons it for while, and then picks it up again? Do you plan on becoming an avid golfer? Do you like to practice and indulge yourself in a hobby for a long while?


Tip 2: Decide How Important Learning to Golf Is To You


What Kind of priorities do you have attached to the act of learning to golf? Are you very motivated to learn? Or are you just taking up golf in order to hang out with friends, or to take the occasional golf vacation. How important is learning golf to you? If you are just looking for a set of golf clubs to get you through the corporate golf retreat, or do you plan on becoming a dedicated and avid golf player in the future? If you are not sure, look toward the past. Are you the type who develops a hobby and sticks with it, or are you they type that become consumed by a hobby or sport?


Tip 3: Decide Whether You Should Buy New or Pre-Owned Clubs


Should you buy new or pre-owned golf clubs? This is an important question to ask yourself before you begin to shop around. After all, if you think you may not be golfing a few years from now, why invest in an expensive set of golf clubs? Buy according to your needs and expectations. Try to avoid the temptation of buying the sleekest set of golf clubs at the local pro shop if you don't think that you are going to use them. If you think that a good, clean and complete set of pre-owned golf clubs will do the trick, you are probably right.


Tip 4: Set a Firm Budget Before You Shop For Your First Set of Golf Clubs


If you are like most novice golfers, you are probably on some kind of a budget when it comes to shopping for new golf clubs. Being on a budge is not entirely a bad thing; it keeps you from buying things you really don't need. So set a firm shopping before you head out the pro shop, and stick to your guns, no matter how tempting that new high end set of golf clubs looks like.


Tip 5: Do Research About Different Types of Golf Club Sets


Of course, you don't want to head out to the pro shop without learning about different kinds of golf clubs. Make sure that you understand the basics about golf club sets before you head to the pro shop. Understand the basic components—the driver, the shaft, the grip, etc—and different materials (steel versus graphite shaft, etc). Ask friends for recommendations and ask to try out their clubs. Get a feel for what you like before you invest in your own set of golf clubs. Always ask for a demonstration to get a feel for the clubs.

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    Jasper Whiteside (Friday, 04 November 2016 13:40)

    I like the advice to consider why you are learning to golf. It very well could be so that you can get through the corporate retreat. It might be worth looking to see if you can find a group lesson. That way you have a decent enough idea of what to do without getting more invested into it than you want to.

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